Our studio is membership based and offers unlimited classes for your monthly rate. This includes all KRAV MAGA SELF DEFENSE, WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE, KRAV MAGA BASICS, FIT 20/30, COMBATIVE JUJITSU, BOXING, W.D.U.S., and YOGA RECOVERY classes. Whether you can only pop in for a FIT 30 workout or wish to hit every class in one night, your membership allows you to attend all the classes you wish.  

We charge $99 a month and guarantee that as long as you stay with us, your rate will never go up, even when our membership prices do.  We offer discounted rates ($149/monthly) for pairs such as couples, father/son, husband/wife, etc.  Call or email us about family rates if you have more than 2 participants.

WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE - $59/monthly

Only interested in the Women's Self Defense class?  We offer a limited membership that grants access to our weekly Women's Self Defense class that takes place every Tuesday night at 5:30PM.  We believe this provides women an affordable, weekly opportunity to fit an hour of realistic self defense training into their busy schedule.

PRIVATE LESSONS - starting at $60/hour

We offer private lesson options during the daytime hours of the week and Saturdays. Whether you're nervous about classes and want to learn the basics in a private setting or a seasoned practitioner looking to fine tune details in weapon disarming - we work on whatever you need to feel safer and more confident in self defense. 


Come join us for a free class and a great workout.  Our studio of 70+ students feels like a community of friends and family as we push each other to be better every day.  No egos.  No drama.  Just fitness and self defense in a laid back, friendly environment.