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We offer a wide variety of training opportunities to build your desired skillset for self defense.


The core training experience of our studio. A Krav Maga Self Defense class for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. This class combines intense striking drills with self defense technique to simulate the stress of a real world violent encounter. Learn to defend against punches, kicks, wrist grabs, bear hugs, chokes, headlocks, hair pulls, ground based grappling, takedowns, and weapon threats/attacks. Learn when to strike and when to escape. Build confidence and situational awareness. Learn not just how to fight, but how to survive while building a warrior's mindset.


FIT 30

FIT 30 is a high intensity 30 minute fitness training class. We believe fitness is integral to success in a self defense situation. You must be strong, fast, and capable of running away when the opportunity presents itself. Our goal is to push you to another level of functional fitness. Expect to squat, crunch, pushup, plank, burpee, curl, press, lunge, and jump for 30 minutes straight.


An emphasis on the basics of hand to hand combat is required to build a solid foundation for new students and to ground experts in the fundamentals. This class provides a solid workout while training the essential footwork, striking, elbow, and kicking skills. We believe in training for technical proficiency while emphasizing an aggressive mentality to overwhelm.



A JuJitsu class to compliment the Krav Maga program. Techniques are geared toward realistic self defense application with zero focus on sports based grappling. While the Krav Maga program provides ground based fighting, we believe the JuJitsu class offers more "tools for the toolbox" to assist in creating opportunities to strike.


A general boxing class to teach the basics of striking, defense, and footwork. We train with gloves/gear while maintaining a self defense perspective and keeping in mind the reality of bare knuckle striking. Practical application of the basics is key.

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This class is focused on the speed at which you deploy your self defense tool. Concealed handgun, knife, pepper spray - regardless of what you carry for self defense, presentation of the tool in the middle of a chaotic situation is challenging. We focus on deployment under stress from a variety of difficult body positions/scenarios. Everyday street clothing is encouraged for this class. Only trainer guns and trainer knives are permitted. No functional firearms or sharp blades allowed.


At least 3 months of attendance at Fayetteville Krav Maga is required before students are permitted to participate in SPARRING sessions. The purpose of sparring is to reinforce fundamental principals under the stress of improvised, simulated fighting. Control is key as safety is our number one priority. Sparring is light impact as we learn to recognize body mechanics and the telegraphing of strikes. Build reaction time and recognize when to counter. Students are responsible for providing their own sparring gear.


Boxing gloves (14-16oz), Boxing helmet, Mouthguard, Groin Protection, Shin Guards.

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Ages 8 - 12. A Krav Maga Self Defense class for kids with an emphasis on simple, practical techniques. From anti-bullying to anti-kidnapping/stranger danger, this class will empower your child to carry themselves with confidence and the situational awareness to detect adult threats. Learn how to strike vitals and create an opportunity to escape dangerous situations. Students aged 13 and above train in the adult classes.

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